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I was talking to someone recently and they told me that they do not dream as there is nothing to dream about.  I was saddened to hear this but it was not the first time.  Through my life I have not really paid much attention to this…for myself or other people.  What has brought this to my attention is the few times I have heard this from other people recently.  How sad is it?  The fear of dreaming. The fear of hope.  The fear of possibilities.  The fear of not achieving the dream. Maybe the real fear is failure or disappointment. 

The Questions – to name a few…

What keeps you going then?  What harm is there in dreaming?  What if the worst thing that can happen if the dream does not come true?  Then what?  What is the barrier to success? Not enough money?  Poor health?  Judgment and perception?  Stuck?  Poor planning?  A lack of a plan?

What?  A Plan? 

There are dreams and then there are plans.  The warm fuzzy dreams where we see ourselves in dream jobs with dream lives on dream beaches drinking beverages with umbrellas.  We all really do dream at some point or another. After the dream leaves our thoughts we then talk about it again from time to time.  We may reflect back on the dream every now and then.  Then we forget about it because it is not attainable.  What you need…is a PLAN.


P lan to

L ive in

A bsolute

N irvana

Yes..a plan.  What nirvana looks like is different for each individual.  Everyone can achieve their own idea of nirvana, their dream…with a plan.

What may get in the way…

Life is going to get in the way.  There is no doubt about it.  Commitments, family, friends, kids, partners, work, eating, breathing, your own saboteur mind…it will all get in the way and cloud judgment and thought.  It is all powerful enough to stop you cold…except if you have a plan and are committed to it.


Setting up a plan for your dream is very simple.  Write down on a piece of paper what your goal or dream is, what you need to get there (ie. resources, time, shift , etc.), and when you want this.  You have to be realistic.  Is flying to the moon realistic?  Maybe for some but not for most.  Is the trip of a lifetime attainable?- absolutely.  Is a new house, or even a first house, attainable?  Why not?  What is your dream?  What is the plan that goes along with your dream?  How accountable are you to your plan?  Accountability is around the date and time you have set for each step of the plan.  The most important part is that you are moving towards your plan and not stalling.  Dates and times can be changed as long as you are taking steps towards the goal.  If you say you are going to have a task done for your plan by a certain date and time then make it happen or at least take steps to making it happen.

Sounds easy enough…

It all sounds pretty straightforward but requires work on your part – a lot of work.  It may even involve…yes…here it is…CHANGE.  This word makes the heart skip a beat for some.  The challenge is if you keep going the way you are going, and not making any changes, you will still be where you are. 

So what changes are you willing to make to achieve your goals.  You cannot change your family, at least not easily.  You can’t change your kids.  You can definitely work on your health.  You can change your job, how you spend your money, what you commit to.  You can make changes to a lot of aspects of your life.  It all starts with one thing.  YOU.  You have to be willing to make changes, sacrifices and maybe some hard decisions.  This is what dreamers do to make their dreams come true.  You are no different. 

So Ask Yourself…Image

 What is my dream?  What is my plan?  Where is a pen and paper to write this stuff down?  It is that simple.  Go forth and be fierce..and most of all..DREAM!


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